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The OMAWA Wrestling Referee Mentorship Program is a partnership with local veteran wrestling referees.  Participation in the program requires the new referees in training (the mentee) to complete a minimum of 30 contact hours with at least five different veteran referees during the youth wrestling season.  This paid training experience will occur under the guidance of certified Nebraska/Iowa veteran wrestling referees at OMAWA hosted events.  The mentee’s performance will be evaluated by club coaches and their lead mentor(s) via observation, written, verbal and video feedback.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gaining knowledge and feedback about being a professional official.
  • Improving personal skills with youth, parents and coaches
  • Practical application of skills and knowledge acquired on the mat
  • Improving mechanics, signals, rules knowledge and judgment skills
  • Short Overview of Program (see attachment for long version):
  • Each new referee must apply to participate in the mentoring program.
  • Each new referee would need to train at or 4 or 5 OMAWA events to reach the hours needed.
  • After successfully completion of the train and with good reviews, the could then earn regular pay for regular assignments.
  • Mentees will be evaluated by veteran officials and coaches under 7 specific categories.
  • Mentees would be assigned to mat to make it easer for coaches to also evaluate the new referee.

Mentor Application:

Mentor Evaluation Form: